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Pro Jack Vessel

PRODUCT NAME:- Pro Jack Vessel

    Jacket closure Ring Welding work is performed by using high grade filler rods to with stand closure ring tension. Inner shell of jacket in between inner shell and outer jacket to intensity main vessel and to provide uniform circulation and minimize stagnation of heating or cooling medium.

    Welding work is performed by Argon Arc process using good characteristic filler rods on all S.S. parts. MS parts welding is performed by D.C. Arc welding process using suitable electrodes. Drive system is specially designed for maintenance free performance.

    Application :

    Jacket process Vessels of various types such as Limpet Coil, Jacketed body flange or welded type are used in various types of industries like chemical, food, drugs dyes and other industries. We manufacture process vessels with capacity ranging from 100 LTS to 20, 000 LTS in SS / MS.

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