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There are two ways to search product or service:

  • From search option:
    There are four boxes on the homepage for search
    • In the first box, you have to write the product or service name or category of your search.In this box, you can also write mobile no,     firm name, e-mail ID of the party, his building/complex/society name also.
    • In the second box, you can select the state -in which you want to search for. (If you do not select the state, you will receive all results of that product or service)
    • In the third box, you can select the city of the state selected in box no 2. (If you do not select the city, you will receive all the results of that state)
    • In the forth box, you can select the location of the city selected in box no 3. (If you do not select the location, you will receive all the results of that city)
    • Press ‘Search’ button.
  • From category:
    • You can click on any category displaying on the homepage. You can also find ‘All Category’.
    • On the next page, you have to select sub-category.
    • Click on the sub category.
    • You will receive all the search results of that category. Here, you will not receive area wise or city wise results, but the whole.
  • First you must do the ‘sign in’ procedure, which is very easy and simple. At the time of joining you might have registered your ‘log in ID’ and ‘password’.
  • Enter this log in ID (mostly your E-mail ID) and password to reach to your firm details.
  • Then you will automatically receive your firm details and the form.
  • You can here edit/change/delete some or all details as you wish.
  • Click on ‘save changes’. Do not forget to click on ‘save changes’.

It takes maximum 48 hours (verification period) to be displayed on website, but mostly it is done as soon as possible.

  • You simply click on ‘forgot password’ below log in ID and password option on homepage.
  • Then fill in the form which is there.
  • Click on submit.
  • And you will receive a new ‘log in ID’ and ‘Password’ in your e-mail box or SMS on your Mobile.
  • Keep photo, images, logo or other graphics ready and saved in your computer to attach on the website.
  • If some are saved in some other CD, DVD, pen drive or else where, transfer them to your computer.
  • If photo or images are not ready, follow the steps:
    1. Catch the photo or image or yours, your products and your office, shop or firm from either outside or inside using electronic digital camera, handy cam, mobile phone or other device.
    2. Transfer those images to your computer via Bluetooth, data cable, CD, DVD, memory card reader or other device.
    3. Save the image to your ‘desktop’ on your computer.
    4. Open the website and log in to your firm details.
    5. Click on ‘attach image’.
    6. Now automatically a window will be opened and select desktop in that window.
    7. Select your saved image.
    8. Click on ‘save’ or ‘attach’.

Now automatically, that image will be placed at the appropriate place on your firm details within maximum 48 hours (verification period) but mostly is done as soon as possible. The same way, you can attach logo and other graphics which are saved on your computer.

You may migrate from your existing membership to other membership meanwhile a year. And from the same day, you will start receiving all the benefits and services of that membership. We request you to please read the following terms regarding this procedure:

  • You can only migrate to the higher membership from your existing membership. If you want to migrate to lower membership, you may do it after completion of your existing 1 year membership.
  • The fees of your current membership shall neither be refunded nor be transferred to new membership fees at any condition. So, you need to pay full payment for the new membership fees to enjoy all the benefits and services of new membership.
  • Fill in the form of the membership of your choice on our website.Click on ‘pay now’ option.
  • Now, automatically you will be migrated to a new website’paypal.com’ and you have to fill in the form on that website.
  • Enter your credit card details.
  • Click ‘pay now’.
  • Automatically, the membership amount will be deducted from your credit card balance and will be credited to our balance. You will also receive the confirmation mail from both websites.
  • And invoice including taxes (Indian Govt.) to your mail inbox.

If you find any discrepancy, please contact us - click here.

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