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PRODUCT NAME:- ThermoExpansionValve

    Thermostatic Expansion Valves, Exchangeable Orifice

    Thermostatic expansion valves regulate the injection of refrigerant liquid into evaporators. Injection is controlled by the refrigerant superheat. The range of thermostatic expansion valves cover different valves designed for specific applications. The valves are delivered with connections in flare, solder copper or stainless steel / copper bi-metal connections.

    Temperature range from 60C to +50C.

    Rated capacity: 0.5 to 1890 kW (R 22).


    Traditional refrigeration

    Heat pump systems

    Air conditioning units

    Liquid coolers

    Ice cube machines

    Transport refrigeration


    Large temperature range.

    Equally applicable to freezing,

    refrigeration and air conditioning


    Interchangeable orifice assembly

    easy stocking

    easy capacity matching

    better service


    Can be supplied with MOP

    (Max. Operating Pressure)

    Protects the compressor motor

    against excessive evaporating pressure

    during normal operation.

    Rated capacities from 0.5 to 15.5 kW

    for R22.

    Valves for special temperature ranges

    can be supplied.

    Flare / solder adaptor can be supplied.

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