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Product Details:

Purification Capacity 25 Liters/Hour
Duty Cycle 200 Gallon/Day
Storage Capacity Optionable
Filtration Stages 6/7
U.V Lamp 11w
Body Material ABS Food Grade/SS/MS
Operating Voltage 36 v DC
Input Voltage 240 v AC (50 Hz)
R.O Membrane 1812-75 GPD*3nos
Min. Inlate Water Pressure 0.3 Kg/cm2.
Dimention 304*450*650mm
Weight 17.5 kg (Approx)

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Delivery Free Home Delivery
Installation Free Instalation
    Available with UV And UF And Silver Nano

    (Stage 1) 5 Micron Sediment Filter:

    The porosity of five micron is effective in removing dirt, rust, dust sediments, sand & solid suspended particles from the water.

    (Stage 2) Antiscalent tube:

    To remove hardness from the water.

    (Stage 3) 5 Micron Inline Sediment Filter:

    The porosity of five micron is effective in removing dirt, rust, dust sediments, sand & solid suspended particles from the water.

    (Stage 4) Granular Activated Pre Inline Carbon Filter:

    It takes out 99% of the chlorine and organic chemicals. It provides enhanced reduction of taste, odor, and color.

    (Stage 5) Reverse Osmosis Membrane:

    The Reverse Osmosis element, a thin film composite ,(TFC) high quality, semi-permeable membrane made- up of polyamide with a micron porosity of 0.0001 which can eliminate the chemical & micro-biological impurities like total dissolved solids , bacteria ,viruses & progeny through the waste water outlet & can give a highly pure & safe potable drinking water in result

    (Stage 6) Post Carbon Inline filter or Silver Nano Filter:

    This filter rejects the objectionable taste and odor to enhance the quality of the final drinking water. We are using NSF approved post carbon to guarantee the taste of water.

    (Stage 7)UV Sterilizer:

    UV rays penetrate the cells of harmful bacteria and viruses in our drinking water, destroying their ability to reproduce. Without this ability, these organisms die and no longer pose a health threat. It is a simple but very effective process, with the system generally destroying 99.99% of harmful microorganisms.

    - Leak proof connectors, fittings, tubes.

    - Non-Toxic Filter Housings made up of food grade polymers.

    - High capacity, TFC Membrane produces 25 liters per hour final Purified water @ 200 gallons per day rejects 90-95 % of the impurities in the waste water line.

    - Converts the impure water into the sweet and pure drinking water.

    - Removes active and inactive bacteria, viruses and progeny.

    - Low cost of maintenance, electrical consumption and consumables.

    - Power full service backup.

    - Wide Network Range of Service Center and Direct Marketing Branches all over Gujarat

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